Automation allows us complete clients’ profiles by obtaining more and more precise data. This formula lets us know in which stage of the purchase decision is the tourist at every moment, and offer appropriate offers for each one of these stages.

How do we do this, you might ask. The answer is by listening! Listening to what they tell us through intelligent forms; then analysing what they do, detecting what information has brought their attention; and lastly, looking in the internet new data that enrich their profiles.

This enriched profile together with the purchase analysis in any associated campaign through cross selling, allows us microsegment those profiles and apply automatic response systems.

Hubspot, a worldwide successful solution

Hubspot is the largest marketing automation platform in the world. With deep specialisation in Inbound Marketing, its worldwide spread, its compatibility with leading business management tools and an intuitive and easy interface make this platform the most effective formula to implement an effective Automated Marketing strategy.

Hubspot creates intelligent forms that enrich a lead’s information at every contact with our brand. It also detects in which funnel stage they are, helps them taking the step to move to the next one through specialised content, creates automatic responses based on the tourists’ behaviour and spread your brand content intelligently.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform enables to pool works with a multidisciplinary team and from various companies. Its basic and intuitive tools such as Gmail, Google Drive or Google sheet allow shared and controlled environments through the management of different accesses based on each profile.

Hubspot entails having a top-level technology and a great democratised and affordable usefulness for any company thanks to its multidevice application, its real-time updating and its ability to offer extendable and scalable solutions to unimaginable limits.

Google leads the development of technology both in personal and business use. It allows you incorporate Artificial Intelligence in your relationship with your client by extracting data and turn it into learnings through Machine Learning and ioT.