Day by day we receive dozens of emails we’re not interested about, so we delete them easily. But what if you received and email that talks about something you’re really interested in? An email that even offers valuable, free and specific content which isn’t trying to make you buy, but encourages you to keep receiving relevant content?

And when will tourists receive your offer then? Only when they’re really interested and prepared, when the chance of success is high.

Know how to improve your opening rate

Knowing tourists’ real interest, their status in the purchase decision-process and the content they’ve viewed before, allows us to define the type of email and content we should create to take the next step.

Respecting the tourist’s pace and with informative content and specific offers, emailing allows us to stablish a simple and ideal communication with the tourists.

Don’t be alone, use your strategy in all channels!

Send simple and direct messages, which require immediacy, via SMS or Whatsapp, well-known and easy channels for the tourist.

In Tourbina we help you stablish conversations through the most appropriate channel based on the type of message. How do we do this? Applying Artificial Intelligence techniques!