Transportation is changing. Technology is invading every aspect of car industry and new hiring models, where our mobile is the key, are appearing. Be there or be square!

You may think that nowadays travel agencies are the main sales channel since, generally, they have a very important role inhiring’s. You may also think that airlines are very important too for car rental companies.

However, these sales channels are, actually, online channels, and for some of the most important companies of the tourism sector online sales represent 60% of turnover, while 40% of sales are made by direct selling in call centres and offices. Moreover, direct selling is based on digital communication strategies where the client calls or goes to the offices for what he/she’s seen on the internet. Plus, considering that on average 55% of a car rental company’s income comes from the tourism sector, what do you think about Tourbina?

Google Cloud Plataform

Enabling technology with Google tools

A top-level technology as easy to use as your Gmail.

Through the technologies developed by Google your staff will be able to know the status of your clients, unify the management tools, establish effective ways of communication, etc.

Google Hangouts

Good results in good company!