We make it easier for you to occupy your hotels, we offer enrichment with segmented cross selling and we improve the offer you present your guests by creating a new, more complete and personalised experience…

Google Cloud Plataform

Enabling technology with Google tools

A top-level technology as easy to use as your Gmail.

Through the technologies developed by Google your staff will be able to know the status of your clients, unify the management tools, establish effective ways of communication, etc.

Gsuite arises as the transforming tool of collaborative and teamwork, allowing the maximum control over access and security of each participant and keeping a fluid and intuitive use.

Google Hangouts

Good results in good company!

Can your hotels improve their performance?

Discover if your apartments can improve their current performance or if you’re missing opportunities by answering a few questions:

  • Do you create personalised messages and offers for each customer?
  • Can you tell why are they interested in your offer before they even walk through the doors?
  • Do you know how to take advantage of that motivation to sell more?
  • Do you know how to create personalised offers based on the behaviour of your customer?
  • Can you improve the customer experience by offering them the ideal service based on their preferences?
  • Do you establish quick and direct communications with your guests? How does your staff get these messages?
  • Do you use safe and scalable tools such as Google Cloud?
  • Do you combine SEO and SEM efforts in order to appear on search engines?
  • Do you do remarketing? Do you integrate personalised chatbots?
  • Do you create strategies based on real guests’ data and their experiences?
  • Do you have an adapted strategy for each device?
Too many “nays” in your answers? it’s time to explore your potential.

Let’s talk about improving your occupancy

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