With our experience in the management of marketing and communication of tourist accommodation companies and tourist services, we’ve found a great formula in Spain and Europe that uses different technology platforms united by Google products, a reference in collaborative technology.

By simplifying the use of the most advanced technology we analyse your sales data, the profile of your ideal tourist, the market price in real-time and the market forecasts. All these to create easy and understandable information. We help you understand your tourist.

Your monthly results make your path

Our methodology makes monthly investments in marketing and communication based on each month’s results.

This formula is based on the fact that the more successful you are, the greater investment in dissemination you will be able to make, progressively and effortlessly scaling up the dissemination of your brand and your offer.

Data proves us right

We use microsegmentation, analyse customer data, extract as much information as possible from your database and cross it with ours. With this mix and a little code, we get to know your tourist and show them highly personalised offers which lead into higher satisfaction, more positive reviews and improve the perception of your brand.